The 'Left' is NOT 'right'!

So who's having the last laugh, Mr. Ajaz Ashraf?

When you state, 'Manmohan's sensitivity to image neatly dovetails with his newly imbibed zeal to have posterity remember him. Perhaps the people to blame for this are those who frequent India International Centre—the deracinated writers of the English language press, and spin doctors who masquerade as policy wonks. It's they who never tire of cautioning him against history's harsh judgement, and who keep egging him on to sacrifice the UPA for the "historic deal" so that he could surpass his ineffable role as finance minister more than a decade ago. They harp: is a year of governance worth more than the nuclear deal? And so, you have it again—forget the footsoldier, let the party face the mid-term poll'; you forget the cardinal rule of politics, that anything is possible.

No mid-term polls looming, for the moment. In fact everything seems to point to governance preserved, plus the nuclear deal in the bag. Maybe its not time for the foot soldier or the party to open the bubbly, but they can now breathe easy. Good enough for you, Mr. Ashraf?

My rule of thumb for Indian politics? If the Left thinks its not good for the country, it surely MUST BE!

Good for the economy, Good for the consumer!

Illustration: Sandeep Adhwaryu / Outlook


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