'Losing it' over Global Warming

'Closer to home, the dean of resource economists, Yale’s William Nordhaus, estimates the cost of projected climate change to be $22 trillion. This seems to overstate the bad and ignore much of the good that a slightly warmer, wetter world would bring, but let’s go with it. Al Gore wants us to spend $34 trillion on his lifestyle agenda in order to bring that cost of climate change down to $10 trillion, for a total tab of $44 trillion leaving us precisely twice as bad off as we purportedly would be. Again, this presumes the truth of everything he says and that somehow by reducing Man’s CO2 emissions -- which have risen dramatically in recent years while the planet cools just as dramatically -- would actually make things cooler still.

So one guy advocates burning down your -- our -- house out of precaution given that one day the air conditioning might not work, and wins an Oscar and Nobel; his teenaged groupie gets locked up.

No, he’s not the first one to lose it over “global warming”.'

- Christopher C. Horner, 'Al Gore, International Man of Madness'.


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