Me, fairness cream? Never. Liar!

The risks associated with consumer purchases are varied in their nature. For example, the risks associated could include ones that are financial, technological and even social in nature. The greater the risk in purchase, the higher the consumer involvement with the product.

Karthik Murali makes an interesting observation on Men not desiring fair skin. Ask a man if he seeks to be fair and he answers no. I disagree. And that demonstrates an interesting difference that social risks (the risk associated with the purchase of beauty products) carry vis-a-vis the other types of risks.

Many a times respondents would not be willing to articulate what they want when it comes to products that could otherwise make them socially acceptable. Is fair skin preferred by Indian society, in general? Oh yes! But do people wanna admit to desiring the same? Absolutely not. It almost makes them seem like wimps.

Market Researchers must be careful while probing the need for products that increase social acceptance. For respondents may not be willing to articulate their desire for such products, as in stating the need for the same, they risk ostracization.

Do men seek fairness creams? Isn't it obvious?


Deepali Chandra said…
It was an interesting text to read about the men’s psychology.
I had a friend of mine who has almost same complexion as of mine. Not so fair not so dark. Once we were having some discussion about going to water park. I heard someone raising a point for getting tanned. I wondered how come guys are so very conscious about complexion..!! I casually said you are not so fair that tanning will change you much. I couldn’t control my laughter when got the reply, he said you gals are dark among gals but we are Fair among guys…. :D
Psychology of men and women differs? I dont know. I am not sure. But one thing I am sure of is that no one would like to be ostracized because the products that they use are not ones that a majority of the peer group uses.

I know of men who use fairness cream, but I also know of women who dont use them. And neither of them I have seen admit to the same. I dont know why.

I am just wondering if social acceptance is a higher need than self-acceptance?

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