No place for Sachin in Youngistaan makes good financial sense

Don't be so shocked. Its always the cost-benefit analysis that makes supreme sense in business. Sachin at Rs. 4-5 crore vs. the impact on brand Pepsi, vis-a-vis cheaper alternatives like Rohit Sharma and Ishant Sharma and their impact, and you can fathom why the pendulum's swung the way it has.

Still surprised?

As to Dhoni complaining about being overworked, for crying out loud, this is a country of a billion people that also has extremely talented cricketers waiting in the wings to play for the country.

Create a second Indian team and send them out to play. Pronto!


Soumya said…
Dear Sir,
May be my observations are purely based on the fact that Im a hardcore sachin fan who seem to refuses to bow down.
But I believe that Sachin ( or rather the people who handle his marketing) has done a wise job in there recent selection of endorsement.
The most striking one being Aviva. I think he still has a great deal of appeal among the middle age people and hence the reason for the Ad.
Im also not quite sure of the so called success of the Pepsi youngistaan campaign , cause personally it did not make any sense to me(ie, if I can still consider myself Youngistaan)
anyways as I said before maybe Im just too egoistic a fan to accept the fact...
Ray Titus said…

I agree, Sachin may be the flavour of the year for an 'older' segment. Maybe even the younger ones at times (hey, you are youngistaan!)

About the 'youngistaan' campaign, the bigger the brand, the dumber the communication campaign, or so it seems :)

Way to go with your blog...its a start...n thats great...
Unknown said…

I think Sachin still has the luring effect and it may cost Pepsi adversely if he chooses to opt for another brand.
Soumya said…
hey I am not quite sure of that either. Personally, I think it would be stupid on part of Sachin to shift over to a competator's brand as it will only hamper his credibility. He did that mistake in the past by shifting over from Airtel to Reliance. I think it would be wise to just stay way from the cola market if pepsi does not renew its relation with him.

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