Street Theatre: Brand on the street

Most marketing communiques are doomed from the start. In almost all my classes, when I've asked students to name commercials they remember from their favourite program on TV, most can't. And that's pretty much normal, for people, in general.

Why people can't remember is 'cos the communique' never caught their attention, leave alone get them interested. To try and reverse this worrying response on part of the consumer, marketers are looking at varied ways, to communicate; in a manner that can hold the recipient's attention and get him interested. One such way is the use of street theatre.

Street theatre is increasingly emerging as a cost-effective medium for brand promotions; it creates a buzz around brands by getting people to talk about them. To promote a new range of munchies, Pepsi Foods India Pvt. Ltd hired actors who would burst into flames in the middle of a crowded street when they ate the snack. The campaign won a Gold Lion at Cannes. Consumer products company Hindustan Unilever Ltd used a modified version of the Shakespearean classic, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to promote a new skin care range. In Radio City’s case, while some were entertained and others flabbergasted that someone would pull a stunt like that in the middle of the day, it served the basic purpose the brand was out to achieve: It pulled in the crowds.

The downside to using theatre is its limited reach. In addition, though the act may hold attention and arouse interest, it may not necessarily result in evoking desire leading to the final act of a purchase. But then again, that's a guarantee no communique can give.


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Some people use it very effectvely to win a lot of support for the people. Check this:

If we plan well we can get a lot of PR from the press. Some companies in Hyderabad use roadshows as a part of the CSR. When they do this they ensure that every paper and channel covers it.
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