Whats common to cash in Parliament & generic drugs?

Its the image they bring along.

The cash in Parliament drama has been a shameful episode that sullies the image of politicians as a whole, putting it in poor light, though the reality may be something completely different. There are of course politicians who are unblemished with spotless records. Well, you may ask who? The answer, how many members of the house do you know?

Though Ranbaxy insists that there have been no charges filed by the US Drugs regulator, FDA, on an alleged case of sub-standard drugs, the episode has cast aspersions on the generic drug manufacturers. Industry representatives say that the case will not only “embolden” the anti-generics lobby that has been campaigning against cheap drug versions but, it may also cause the entire Indian drug sector to be viewed with caution at best and suspicion at worst by medical professionals globally.

Its good to remember that sometimes its not about what you yourself may do, its about what your 'kind' does.


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