Why 'sms' when you can call

Why write when you can talk? Why 'sms' when you can call?

Dropping telecom call tariffs have resulted in sms usage nose-diving. Latest figures released by sector regulator TRAI reveal that customers preference for texting in India has hit an all time low. From accounting for close to 8-9% of the operators’ revenues at one point, texting now provides GSM players with 4.3% of their total revenues, while for CDMA operators, it is a mere 1.8%.

According to TRAI, the average number of SMSes that customers sent has fallen by 7% for GSM and 6% for CDMA operators during the last quarter. An average GSM user sent about 26 SMSes a month in the quarter ended March 08, compared to 28 SMSes a month in the previous quarter (Oct-Dec 07), 32 a month in the July-Sept quarter, 35 in the April-June quarter, 39 in the Jan-March quarter and 48 in Oct-Dec 06 quarter, TRAI said.


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