Akshay is King!

Rarely does a single brand appeal across consumer segments. In fact it is even advocated that a brand not try and be everything to everyone.

Now here's a brand that's managed to do that, and do that extremely well. Hail Akshay Kumar, the new 'king' of Bollywood. With net earnings of Rs 29 crore in the first weekend (source: boxofficeindia.com), his film, 'Singh is King' looks set to become the biggest blockbuster of recent times, having already wiped out the first weekend record of Rs 26 crore set by Om Shanti Om last year.

What makes Akshay unique is his appeal across the movie going public. 'Singh is King' is a hit across the spectrum—from mofussil towns to urban multiplexes, all the way to NRI settlements abroad. Last heard, it was smashing all records in Pakistan too. As if this were not enough, the annoyingly catchy songs, especially Jee karda, are constantly playing on a radio or mobile near you.

Well, its time Akshay got his due.

Hail the King!


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