Apple iPhone scores on 'Attitude toward Object', fails on 'Attitude toward Behaviour'

Studying consumer attitudes toward brands is of paramount important because that's what comes closest to revealing if a consumer intends to buy the brand in question. But even within the study of attributes, its important to ascertain the implications of 'attitude towards object' vis-a-vis 'attitudes towards behavior'.

the Attitude toward object model is suitable for measuring attitude towards a product category or specific brands. According to this model, the consumer's attitude toward a product/brand is a function of the presence (or absence) and evaluation of certain product-specific beliefs and/or attributes.

Now this where the Apple iPhone scores. The attitude toward the object (read, Apple iPhone) is pretty positive. That explains the number that turned up at various launches of the phone across the country. But then the dampener. Not many buyers. And that's explained by the 'Attitude toward behaviour' model.

This model is designed to capture the consumer's attitude toward behaving or acting with respect to an object rather than the attitude toward the object itself. The appeal of this model is that it seems to corresponds somewhat more closely to actual behaviour than the attitude toward object model. Now this where Apple fails. The attitude toward behavior (read, purchase intention) is not skewed in favour of the iPhone in India. I had earlier enumerated the reasons behind the same.

For Apple to take off in India, consumer's 'attitude toward behaviour' must sway in favour of the brand. Else we will see them stationary, at the shelves.


Unknown said…
Liking is not converting to a purchase here. Absolutely right sir.Can you give a solution for this? Will price skimming help?
Ray Titus said…
Skimming is not advocated when you have the mass consumer in sight...

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