Brains in Bollywood

ET runs a story titled, 'Who are Bollywood's most intelligent actors?'

My take?

Is that an intelligent question?


I was laughing like crazy upon reading your comment. You are just too good with words. To the point, like you have always been.

However, I am glad that Bollywood is changing a lot. I am with the hope that sometime, years from now, it will reach the French standards. Just another dream I have for bollywood.
Unknown said…
I think people want you to think the acors are dumb so that you associate and relate them more. No one wants to watch a movie of Gandhi or Buddha. Its their vulnerability that pulls crowds. So yes I believe they are brainy.

This particular stunt was to make it reach more audience like us and as I see they succeeded.
Ray Titus said…

Glad you appreciate the funny bone...personally, am glad its alive and kicking... :D


The 'dunce' association theory is say the least... :)

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