Brand Rajni takes a hit

First they say he apologised. And so Kuselan is given the go-ahead to be screened in Karnataka.

Then the Tamil film industry reacts sharply on the regrets expressed by Tamil superstar Rajnikanth. R Saratkumar, President, South Indian Artistes Association, an association of actors, terms it as 'a selfish act aimed at ensuring release of Rajnikant's latest movie Kuselan in Karnataka'.

In the midst of this rigmarole, what's taken a hit is brand Rajni. Not the one on screens, but the one on the political stage. Although Rajni has not overtly expressed any political ambitions, this episode will sure take the sheen off brand Rajni, especially in political circles.


Karthik Murali said…
being a ardent rajni fan , i'd like to defend it saying that

the brand rajni was never involved in the political scenario , as he was just a supporter to diff parties and never involved himself.

and the brand values of Rajni mainly stands for his "Style, action,puncutality,super hit movies" etc.
so i mite say ,just because of the reaction by the film association or other groups ,the brand value can never come down.
Ray Titus said…

Just goes to prove my point. The cinestar brand Rajni is intact.

But what about the political one? Sure, a die hard fan like you sees no political overtones in brand Rajni ever, but is that the way it truly is?

Then again, this is what cult brand loyalty is about!

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