Clothes maketh the (wo)man

'In corporate India, however, few wear Indian clothes. Just as English has become the lingua franca of global business, I think Western attire will soon be its sartorial equivalent. Most of the young executives I meet, both men and women, wear a shirt and pants. This is sad, for many reasons. Homogeneity in clothing is not just boring but also doesn’t reflect our rich culture and textile traditions. If we Indians start wearing Western clothes all the time, how are we different from the faceless Chinese businesswoman who wears dark suits and changes her name from Su-yan to Susan?'

- Shoba Narayan, 'Save Indian clothing, wear a kurta to office'.


i do agree we should cherish indian clothing.I just LOVE the colours of the Indian clothing, so bright and vibrant. here i found some related article on which redefines indian fashion.

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