Focus, your worth depends on it!

As much as this is about K Prasanna, a 22-year-old final-year student of a rural college in Tamil Nadu, its also about why students who aren't in top rung institutions and who think that's the end of world must now have a change in mindset.

K Prasanna, student of Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, has been offered a package of $92,000 per year, by none other than the iconic auto giant Rolls-Royce . This pay package tops even that of IIT Madras, where the highest offer of $90,000 was made by German oilfield services provider Schlumberger last December.

Two interesting points to note.

One, Prasanna had failed to get through any of the campus interviews conducted by software companies this year. Not surprising as writing code is not his cup of tea. “Research and development is my interest area and some day I would like to take up teaching,” he says; adding, this Rolls-Royce offer is an opportunity to improve his knowledge in the field of engines, fuels and combustion.

Two, Prasanna did not take up on the offer of a seat from the IIT since he wanted to specialise in mechanical engineering. Add to that an opportunity to do internship with IIM recently, but he voted against it as he was not interested in management either.

Prasanna is a classic example of what Al Ries calls, FOCUS. When Ries says, 'Focus is the key to successful brand building in today's ultra-competitive marketplace', it applies to college graduates too.


Unknown said…
Just as you say sir, Specialize in a function, super-specialize on a topic.
Linas Simonis said…
One of the best tools for keeping focus is a business blog.

If a CEO writes a real business blog, it is hard to lose focus.

In this case, I'd like to say "It helps to think about strategy".

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