Hold that endorsement horse

The 'world of business opportunity' that has opened up with Abhinav Bindra winning India's first individual Olympic Gold medal, needs to be tread carefully, more so by Marketers.

Abhinav has only been associated with two Business groups, namely, Samsung and the Sahara group. Samsung India Joint Managing Director Ravinder Zutshi, now tells us that Abhinav was part of the Samsung's six Olympic Ratnas. I'd be a little more careful about branding Abhinav as a Samsung Ratna, 'cos, as Milkha Singh proposes, its now more about a Bharat Ratna. Note, that's a country's adoration coming through. Brands in such scenarios need to be careful sneaking in.

Plus, amidst all the endorsement din, as Latika Khaneja of Collage Sports Management, Bindra’s manager since 2003 states, its finally up to him to decide.


NJ Singh said…
Prof. Ray

Bindra has nodoubt done the nation proud by winning the gold for the country. But as a marketeer's perspective, was just wondering if Bindra could become such a big brand such as Sachin or Dhoni.

The following newsreport carries the following article:
Source : http://www.nerve.in/news:253500155856

'After winning India's first individual gold at the Olympics, Abhinav Bindra can charge at least Rs.20 million - per endorsement.Indian sports celebrities seldom disclose contract amounts, but market reports say Tendulkar - the world's most expensive cricketer - commands around Rs.30 million per endorsement.'

Can Bindra become such a big name in the industry because Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who won a medal for the country in the last olympic was popular among marketeers in the beginning but his name soon faded away?

Or would it be wise for industries to invest so heavily in Bindra?

Unknown said…
Bindra may not become a big brand such as Sachin or Dhoni but he should also have his share of success, how little it may be.

I think this would atleast motivate other sportsperson and in future we can have hundreds of other Bindras winning gold medals for our country.

Industries investing on Bindra would be a blessing in disguise as people can come out of the so called 'Cricket Fever' and take interest in other sports and have the same craze for the Olympics as they have for cricket.

Prince Surana
PGPM,Alliance B. School
Ray Titus said…
n-j, I share your skepticism, Bindra's still may not have the kind of potential cricketers do...

Prince, hope so too...

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