How much is too much, or too little?

As much as 'in-sight' is advocated (out of sight, out of mind); out of sight is sometimes a necessity, if you need to keep the cult-like adulation going. That's Obama's dilemma for the moment. He has only a finite time to make maximum impact, and in making the best out of what's available, his persona has experienced what can only be termed overexposure. And that's take the sheen off his image. As Thomas Sowell remarks, 'Despite an impressive political machine and a huge image makeover this year to turn a decades-long, divisive grievance-promoting activist into someone who is supposed to unite us all and lead us into the promised land of "change," little glimpses of the truth keep coming out.

The elitist sneers at people who believe in religion and who own guns, the Americans who don't speak foreign languages and the views of the "typical white person," are all like rays of light that show through the cracks in Obama's carefully crafted image.'

Contrast this with superstar Rajnikanth. He's done a brilliant job of staying away and limiting his exposure to the outside world. This helps especially when there is an impending Rajni movie release. Fans eagerly await the star's arrival on screen and when it does, adulation that reaches hysterical levels is almost always witnessed. But then again, there's catch. Rajni's screen persona must conform to his fans' expectations. He must do the death defying stuff in style on screen. If he doesn't, you can almost be assured of a 'dud' (read, movie). Now that's what's happened to Kuselan. Theatres in Chennai screening the movie, which are known for Rajini mania, no longer display a houseful board. Kuselan has already seen a fifty per cent drop in collections. Such a drop is something unusual, because usually a Rajini movie is a virtual guarantee for success in the first few weeks. Note that Rajni fans have been disappointed with his 'guest' role. Its something they can't digest.

Not after all the wait.



I think thats where the beauty lies when someone says of Rajni as a Cult. Its more difficult for an individual to satisfy this Label beacuse a small foot of the pedal and this Brand Image suffers a lot.

For sure, Brand Rajni will stay a Cult for South Indian movie buffs inspite of this Kuselan debacle; because movie stars have a longer memory space in the minds of the viewers. Thus, this current debacle wont have much of an effect; provided the next Rajni movie is a hit.

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Ray Titus said…
I agree, Kuselan is just another abberation...the cult is intact...

Very well done with your blog...the Best :)
Raneeth Reghu said…
Talking of the Kuselan Debacle and brand exposure ...a thing that comes to mind is what could have happened if there wasn't as much publicity about Rajni's presence in the movie...maybe no publicity at all.. Had they gone about the movie as a normal Tamil movie and given rajni as a surprise element.. Could the results have been different?? I wonder!!

And going further.. Would the movie have done better if it didn't have Rajni in the first place?? There are many no-star tamil movies with good story lines that have been doing well of late..
Could Kuselan have gone that way? Hmmmmm?

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