Management does matter

'So, management does matter. In fact, it matters a lot — more than many people realize, even with all those business school graduates in the workforce. But the studies also indicate that managers tend to overestimate how good their practices are (Indian and Chinese managers are the most overoptimistic). So, even when people realize that management matters, they don’t have a good feel for whether they are doing it well or not. That lack of self-awareness may be due to a gap in management education, or the absence of benchmarks, or just the lack of the right measurement tool up to now. In any case, the data show that, as in many other areas, India has tremendous opportunities not only to catch up in management practices, but to leapfrog advanced countries, and improve its economic performance as it does so.'

- Nirvikar Singh; 'Does Management Matter?'.


Eve said…
There is an international research on the imapact of management on the profits of a company (besides thier technical skills). Apparently, a respected management (read manager) leads to higher profits for an organisation because the team below him (her) is satisfied with their job (infact, it was a bigger motivation for employees to stay loyal and work harder for a company than the lue of money and incentives). Thus, Integrity and empathy by management leads to higher profits.
Ray Titus said…
Management driven by integrity and empathy matters...thats quite a relief. :)

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