Movie viewing in times of misery

Economic slowdowns see consumers cutting back on non-essential expenditures. But in India, and around the world such cut-backs have not affected silver screen fortunes. That is, consumers have not cut back on their movie outings. In fact collections at the box office have seen record highs during periods of slowdown. Take now for example. Talking box-office figures, already four films in India, Jodha Akbar, Race, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa and Singh is Kinng, have done a business of over Rs 100 crore this year and this weekend saw two more films, Mumbai Meri Jaan and Phoonk, emerging as potential hits with an impressive opening.

How strange. Does it have anything to do with us trying the silver screen fantasy as an escapist route? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe its just that great movies release at such times. Blame it on coincidences.

Whatever; I am glad that at times even Bollywood has its takers. Else it would be such a pity.


SG said…
Prof. Ray,

I think spends dont come down in hard times as people need some avenue to kill time. People IMHO would never reduce their consumption and entertainment bills. Only bills that will come down is luxury spends.

In fact more jobless people are, more entertainment options they would need. Probably thats why the jump in earnings :S

On a serious note, very valid observation and I think answer will come from sociology rather than economics.

This also will result in a positive feedback loop. More time you have, more movies you see. More movies you goto, more money you spend. More money you spend, poorer you become. Poorer you are, more time you have.

So on and s forth.

Saurabh Garg
Unknown said…

I think this is not about income levels but the habitual visiting of the regulars to the movies. Also could mean the reinforcement thing where people looked up on screen and they needed something to keep them smiling.

I am sure the expenses on liquor, dresses and other entertainment also would have picked up.
Ray Titus said…

The 'circle' of misery....I can quite see it... :) :(


I am not so sure about 'expenditures'...the lure of promos, perhaps..?

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