Packaging can't change perceptions, it can build one

Unlike what ET proclaims, 'Good packaging can change consumer perception', packaging can only help, one, get the positive perceptions to be formed and two, as a stimuli arrest consumer attention,. which is the first step to forming perceptions.

I can't think of brands where consumers have changed already formed perceptions about it, just because there was a change in packaging. Perceptions are changed only if the brand as a whole can work on a new identity. That includes change in packaging in addition to changes to the other identifiable characteristics of the brand.

ET reports that, 'smaller manufacturing companies, that include private labels, have taken to innovative packaging to hit their target consumers. Dadima’s Magic mango pickle, ITS fruit tomato ketchup, Mehek Dehradoon Basmati, 24 Letter Mantra and Bread & More are some of the products available in shops with good packaging motifs.'

The efforts that these companies are putting in to get their packaging to be part of the stimuli that drives perceptions, is not misplaced. Especially since purchase decisions on most low involvement goods are undertaken inside a store when the consumer faces the brand on a store shelf. And at that 'moment of truth', packaging surely helps.



Unknown said…
I think if the new package is different and gives me more details and shows the company's effort in telling me that they changed the product for good and improved over the previous one, it might help me in changing the existing perception. Dairy milk did it when it brought out the new packs after the germs issue.

ABS will have a revamping in the design of the prospectus and other advertisements to create a new image and perception.

But there is a problem here if the package is trying to change my perception too much it might put away the traditional buyers or may give a wrong perception. But if they applied JND and make it a slow, progressive one it would work
Ray Titus said…

Packaging helps...but on its own it can't....

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