Prime time News of Prime time buffoonery?

Its rare that one gets to hear about the happenings in an asinine reality show, on Prime Time News broadcast (Or am I mistaken?). But then, yesterday, I did.

Jane Goody, part of Bigg Boss 2 (who watches this stuff?), has had to leave as she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. According to the news report she had to leave (for treatment) as early as in the second episode of the show and now I know that she has left after creating a good impression among her mates.

Well, what can I say? I guess I am better informed now that I know what I know. Just that I feel a little more stupider than usual. Wonder why?


Raneeth Reghu said…
Nonsensical stuff on prime time seems to be the order of the ay as far as many Indian news channels are concerned..And in all probability you would be watching Aaj Tak.. They seems to have got a mastery of it. Whether its aliens landing, or catfights in Bollywood or even a bout in the stupidest of arenas, the WWE. Aaj tak seems to take it too too seriously.
They JADE GOODY incident was just another addition to the menu.
Just as you say..

Who cares??
Unknown said…
I bet she will be called back before this mahem ends.

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