What's common to Rajni fans, Obama believers & Environmental loonies?


All of 'em are die-hard believers who have taken their loyalty to a level where it ensures cult status to their object of worship. The cult status enjoyed ensures that both Obama and Rajni, and the environmental movement, are able to repel any attacks whatsoever on their equity. To someone on the outside, the whole thing may seem ridiculous. Both for the believers anything that contradicts what their 'idol' stands for, is heresy.

The obvious question is why. What's behind this mass hysteria? What is it marketers can do to take brands to this level, where a cult is created?

The answers are not easily available. For starters, it requires consumers to shed their ability to be objective. For that to happen they have to be taken to a level where all rational thought is abandoned. Emotions must ride high. Marketers must ensure that every communique emanating from the brand is managed carefully. Spin doctors need to work overtime. All communiques must reinforce the image that is responsible for the hysteria. Sure there will be slip ups, but they wont be potent enough to break the 'set' image, more so among die hard believers. For these believers to change their attitudes, something drastic must happen. Its safe to assume, in most cases it wont. And that is why most cult brands can breathe easy.

Hail, the cult, Hail, the believer!


Karthik Murali said…
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Karthik Murali said…
theres one more to it..

Rajni has constantly dispelled a common myth.. that a cult brand cannot have a mass following,if it had one , then it aint cult anymore.

but rajni has followers across the world from africa to japan to india,
from the age of 6-80

almost everyone is crazy abt the rajini mania , and is a cult brand than any other ..
Ray Titus said…

I agree...mass following is rare...that's where Rajni scores....


None taken...thanks for the correction... :)
Unknown said…
For a competing brand it is tough to break the cult followers and lure them away. But sir, I think it is possible by pointing out errors or small deviations and make it a big news. Cult stays only till it ensures the picture is clean to the viewer. And yes as you say its the marketers who make it or break a cult.
Raneeth Reghu said…
Obama as you always stress is a creation of the media.. But what I feel is the reason why most americans bought into the idea was how he was portrayed to be the change that all americans have long wished for.. I still remember way back in 2003 Oprah Winfrey during an interview had mentioned about how she felt Obama was the answer to all of US problems.. That was the first time I heard about Barack Obama.. Nwdys we hear most people repeating those lines..

On the other hand Rajni was more of a natural creation..a creation of the masses.. How he became what every Tamilian wanted to be.. and hw he influenced the public into believing it.. I think he is a rare breed.. How often do we see a filmstar appearing without any of his make-up in public.. How people buy into the idea of him being so different on-screen..and believing it is truly incredible..!!

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