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One of the biggest problems that brands face is consumer fatigue. Boredom with a brand can kill the it unless it can change into a new avatar. But at times, its smart to retain classic brands and talk about them in a manner that is unique, thus rekindling consumer interest.

Take Dr. Pepper for instance. Consumer Research found that people who drink Dr Pepper at a slow pace, enjoy the taste more than people who drink it at regular speed. It may not sound like scientific evidence that would pass academic muster. But it is enough for an estimated $35 million ad campaign launching Monday, with the message that people should drink the soda slowly. Says Dr. J (basketball great Julius Erving playing the part) in one TV spot, "Scientific tests have proven that when you drink Dr Pepper slowly, the 23 flavors taste even better. I get it 'cause half my life has been in slow motion." Dr. J is seen in slow motion making an amazing shot: landing an ice cube in a glass.

How does drinking slow, help? Not only did slower drinkers enjoyed Dr. Pepper more, but those slower drinkers tended to be heavier consumers of Dr Pepper. Getting consumers to drink at a slower pace is a win-win. The consumer enjoys it better, the marketer is assured of better volumes.

Classic Brands at times can tell consumers what's unique about them. If done well, consumers tend to listen. Helps both the brand and the consumer.


Karthik Murali said…
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Karthik Murali said…
i wrote an article on brands imparting customer education on their products
pls see it
(the second recent article)
Unknown said…
Unless you re invent yourself you would be boring and less interesting. This particular ad is a two edged sword helping both promotion and consumption.

People who actually used to drink slowly can now tell their friends, "See? I told you so".

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