Will Net telephony change the way Indians communicate?

The implications of Net Telephony on the way users communicate in India will be felt and understood in the coming days. There may not be a sudden dip in use of mobile communication at least for the moment as using Net telephony would require the necessary hardware (PC penetration presently at a meagre 3.6% in India), a connection and of course, it implies that you can't be mobile (oh, yes, there's a way around that too).

In spite of these limitations, Net telephony will have a surge of takers as soon as it comes through. What may save the Telecom companies form being hit hard is the fact almost all of them, in India are ISPs too.

The cost benefits that Indian consumers will derive through Net Telephony is stupendous. They will soon be able to make STD calls as cheap as 10-40 paise and possibly make free local calls from their computers.


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