The li'l clinchers in Customer Service

There's this interesting story that Joel narrates about the time he had a problem with a locksmith. After being frustrated with the locksmith's work he was at the point of exploding, when the locksmith disarms him completely with three li'l words, 'Its my fault'. Joel says, that was the point his emotions did a somersault, resulting in a complete change of attitude.

Sometimes its the li'l things that are the 'clinchers'.

Take my experience at the Spar Hypermarket. I now realise that the clincher at Spar was not so much the comfortable shopping experience as it was the encounter with a Manager at the store. While waiting for my turn at the billing counter, I had this Spar Manager walk up to me and tell me that there was another billing counter that was free, which I had not noticed. He proceeded to take my cart from me, wheel it to the vacant counter, and he even started stacking my purchases on to the conveyor belt on the counter. Now this is completely unexpected at any store in India. That's what blew me away. Delightful!

Top notch customer service revolves around these li'l gestures. It makes the customer feel wanted, feel like he is important, like the store cares.

You can read Joel's brilliant take on customer service, titled, 'Seven steps to remarkable customer service', here.


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