Who's switched to Chrome & Why?

After only 2 days the new browser from Google has already reached a market share of 1 percent according to data reports from Market Share. What's interesting to note is that Chrome's users came not from its biggest rival Internet Explorer, but from Safari and Mozilla Firefox. According to reports from Statcounter the usage of Safari dropped with 0.21 % and Mozilla Firefox lost 0.82 % to the new power driven Chrome browser.

This is, I believe normal, at least in the beginning as the 'Innovator/Early Adopter population' had to exist within the Safari/Firefox fold, as they at some point in time should have been either IE or Navigator users. They shifted then. They are doing it now. These 'innovators' are the first ones to experiment. It now remains to be seen how they react to Chrome. If their buzz favours Chrome, we will see more 'switches' in the future.

Lets wait and watch.


Karthik Murali said…
its kinda clearly established
that mozilla and Safari are for the littly "geeky"
and internet explorer are for the normal users.
and so it happens the majority of the innovators and early adopters are the geeky ones , esp with respect to new operating systems or softwares or browsers in this case.

Some of the factors that enabled this transition is the fact that , it has a similar interface , importing bookmarks from Firefox
and more importantly the "incognito window" option , where one can browse freely and none of their browsing history will be stored , which is quite "convenient" for certain people

One more point i'd like to add is,
there are users including me who can use both Chrome as well as Firefox at same time .

Installation of Chrome may not actually transcend to dropping of market shares in Firefox is my opionion ..
SG said…
I moved. Liked it. Posted on my blog about it.

But again waiting for it to be available on a MAC to start using it on a daily basis.
Senthil said…
I have downloaded and have started using Chrome. It definitely is faster. But somehow i am an microsoft enthusiast. :-) Internet Explorer 8 is equally good.

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