'Zindagi mein Life'; We're talking biscuits, aren't we?

Britannia has unveiled its new corporate campaign. The new campaign is supposed to focus on how Britannia is much more than a biscuit maker. Called 'Zindagi mein Life', the campaign intends to reflect the ethos of the company. According to Britannia’s vice-president for sales, marketing and innovation, Mr Neeraj Chandra, the campaign will 'strengthen Britannia's positioning and take forward their ‘eating healthy, thinking better’ campaign'.

'Zindagi mein Life'? I wonder what's that supposed to mean? I am already giddy with a heady feeling which I guess is the philosophical aftertaste that the campaign line's left behind.

Just so that I get this straight. We're talking biscuits, aren't we? I know I may have a foot in the grave, but I'm eating a biscuit today. And from its package cover I know, its called ANZAC Oatmeal cookies. Why am I biting into one of these? The taste is absolutely mind blowing. Don't trust me? Try one. I had my first one, when served with a plateful at a professional meeting. My first bite, and I knew I had to find out where I could find more of 'em.

Zindagi mein Life, Life mein Zindagi. Whatever. Sure, new age 'hinglish' may work on posters, hoardings, Ads and commercials. But in the end, its about being on a store shelf, placed right; its about a great price, a once in a while lure of a promo; its about great packaging and so on. Oh and yes, don't disappoint me when I sink my fangs into one.

Just so that I set the record straight, Marketing Communication is a must. But the least it can do is be better than 'Zindagi mein Life'.

What say?


MJ said…
Products which have used the mother's sentiment in the past(MTR masalas,Mother's Pickles,etc)have fared well. But it has more to do with the product quality.
Its ok to have a emotional connect but I do feel Indian companies are pushing it too much by mixing Mother's love in Maida!!!
i completely agree...its sucks bad....trust this comming from someone who has been given the reference of this campaign to improve my copy....my boss says (and i quote)"Zindagi mein life is the perfect example of the fun we need to bring into our campaign"

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