The lure of the 'outsider'

'Sarah Palin is the one real outsider among the four candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency on the Republican and Democratic tickets. Her whole career has been spent outside the Washington Beltway.

More than that, her whole life has been outside the realm familiar to the intelligentsia of the media. She didn't go to the big-name colleges and imbibe the heady atmosphere that leaves so many feeling that they are special folks. She doesn't talk the way they talk or think the way they think.

Worse yet, from the media's perspective, Sarah Palin does not seek their Good Housekeeping seal of approval.'

Being the outsider and not being the media darling doesn't win you points. Yet it may win you the admiration of the 'thinking' public. The ones who can can cut through the fluff and the see the 'real substance' in you. In case of Sarah Palin, I guess 'those ones' don't include American college going kids, the Hollywood elite and the leftist media. They would rather live the illusion with Barack.

Brands at times create for themselves rebellious identities. That again, may not win them mass adulation. But it definitely gets them a niche audience that identifies with that rebellion. Apple for example, has won itself its legion of fans due to that rebellious image. Never mind that with its latest products it wants to appeal to the mass out there.


vicharak said…
Mayawati is a good example of someone who did not belong to the so called 'media' and 'political' establishments and yet identify with the masses.

Who knows, Mayawati's recent rebellion against the most powerful political family in the country may bring more dividends and even bring her a step closer to the crown.

I, however, believe that initially 'empowerment' may play a bigger role than rebellion, in one's rise at least, in the case of most politicians.

At some stage or the other, like Apple or Mayawati or Laloo, one will have to get out of the 'niche'and reach out for the broader canvas.
Ray Titus said…

You are right. At some point in time the brand will have to loosen the 'niche shackles' and hit the main street :)

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