Spurious loyalty & Communique receptivity

Service brands at times face a hard time communicating to customers, especially those who have had a taste of the 'service'. Take me, for example, and my attempts at withdrawing money from an HDFC bank ATM. The first day, the ATM center was shut, the second day, the machine was 'under repair', the third day, again, the place was closed. Thank god, I had borrowed some money for the weekend, knowing very well what lay in store for me at the ATM. Coming to HDFC Bank's communiques (read, commercial), do you know how the 'TV drama' ends? The 'grand close' is the line, 'We understand your world'!

Well; Do you?

Now my 'experience' may not turn me away from the bank, but it surely makes me take their 'claims' with a pinch o' salt.

Its important for brands to know that having customers doesn't mean they are doing everything right. Customer stay many a times 'cause they are 'locked in'. These customers may not abandon you for a long time, but they sure snigger when they hear you say, 'We understand your world'.


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