Can Saint seduce with its purity?

After a bout of skepticism I am now a believer. A believer in products selling at a premium. I now believe there are consumers out there who don't mind paying a premium, if there's an enhanced value delivery that occurs at that higher price.

Ask me. Big Bazaar and its price-deals no longer hold sway over us. We would rather go to Spar Hypermarket and shop in peace and comfort, even if it means we may not have as many deals. Like I mentioned the key to premium prices cutting ice with consumers is the 'enhanced' value that it brings along. And that's something that the Saint brand of juices from Parle Agro are counting on. Saint is 100% juice. Saint is targeted at the fast growing segment of consumers who are moving towards 100 percent juice. And why is this segment concerned about 100% juice? 'Cos its healthier and that's the primary reason behind consumption of juices for this segment.

What's going right for Saint? At moment, in terms of branding, the name and the packaging. What could be critical in the future? Availability, especially in stores like Spar and merchandising that gets it to be noticed enough to evoke a trial, From then on, taste takes over.

Its early days for Saint. Having gotten most things right as of now, the future seems pretty bright. Lets wait and watch!


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