The Case for W, The case for Greatness

'Each of these diplomatic achievements accentuates overall successes in bringing the electorates of foreign nations closer to the American political orbit. This success again stands in sharp contrast to allegations of his critics. Elections in all of the following countries removed leaders opposed to President Bush and replaced them with leaders more sympathetic with Bush's foreign policy: France, Germany, South Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Albania, Lebanon, Australia, Canada and Italy. The populations of more than 350 million people moved closer to the American orbit of politics not further away while President Bush was in office.

None of these nations can match the affection for President Bush found on the continent of Africa where again detractors are hard pressed to dispute the astounding successes of the President. He increased foreign aid to the continent more than any president in history. His emphasis on AIDS and malaria reduced harms of two epidemics that have decimated the continent. Rarely noted in the press, his work on the continent of Africa may be his most lasting international legacy.

In sum, President Bush recognized the intrinsic insecurity of a world in pain that lashed out at the United States in 2001. In response, the president constituted a policy to bring perpetrators to justice, liberate the oppressed to systems of democratic governance, and aided efforts to diminish the scourges of disease and ethnic conflict. The results of this are not only apparent in the lack of attacks on our homeland. They are apparent in the changes that we can see in the world today. President Bush's legacy will mark him as a Lincoln standing at a global Gettysburg-- prepared to wage war in the midst of severe public criticism for the sake of the greater good.'

- Ben Voth, 'George W. Bush: The Case for Greatness.'


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