Coffee Day Square sans Coffee Day

The other day Anita and her friends 'hung out' at UB city during which they had their coffee at Ecstasy, which is a 'Chocolate place'. This after they sauntered into Coffee Day Square, looked at the menu, weren't impressed, looked around, weren't swayed, and so trooped into Ecstasy.

The point here is, why would a brand that's numero uno when it comes to Cafes in India, keep its Cafe' Identity when it conjures up a premium format to add to its fold? Coffee Day Square as a brand drags in the Cafe' Coffee Day associations and so throws up perceptions of 'something similar'. Now that doesn't help when it comes to trying to establish a premium brand. Wouldn't the brand be better served, if it had a unique identity, sans the Cafe' Coffee Day association?

Of course the idea here is to leverage on the existing Coffee Day equity. But then, when the target audience is drastically altered for its premium avatar, I wonder how that equity helps? In fact, again, wouldn't it be a dampener?

Let's wait and watch. Here's wishin' Coffee Day Square a brilliant ride!


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