Liskula Cohen and a case for responsible blogging

Sometimes I stop and think (is that good?). About what I write. The Internet gives me both an opportunity to write whatever I want to, and the power to propagate it to whoever it is that wants to read. As in Spidey's case, with great power must come great responsibility. A responsibility to write responsibly.

But there are times on the Internet, when the responsible is transgressed and ugly rants find place in cyberspace. The fallout of such irresponsible stuff may at times be painful, if not catastrophic. Take the case of Liskula Cohen. A Vogue cover girl, she is suing Google in an attempt to unmask the blogger who trashed her as a "skank" and an "old hag."Liskula Cohen is a blond beauty who has modeled for Giorgio Armani and Versace, made headlines last year when a doorman at a Manhattan hot spot was jailed after smashing her in the face with a vodka bottle. Now she wants to force Google to reveal who slammed her online as the "#1 skanky superstar" on a blog hosted by the search engine's subsidiary.

Liskula surely has the right to seek justice for the damage caused to her. Hopefully the courts agree. That would at least send a message that you can't slam someone and hide, just 'cos its cyberspace.


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