To tip or not to, 'tis the Question

'Cabanes says: “People are definitely saying that they won't do as much this year as they normally do. People are struggling, it's hard out there. When it comes to cleaners, the doorman, hairdressers, normally you'd give them $100 (£69) but now people are giving gift cards instead.” How much to tip in one-off encounters and how to show long-time contacts that you still care, even if your husband no longer has his Lehman Brothers' job, has become a prime-time concern. Every major TV channel has run a holiday tipping special and there are lengthy online discussions dissecting the issue. Martha Stewart, the shamed domestic goddess, offers a cut-out-and-keep “tipometer” on her website to assist with tricky tipping decisions...

“If you can't tip the usual amounts, scale back. And then write a note: ‘Usually I would give you a much better tip, it's really been tough this year'. You can also write a letter. Either to them personally to tell them how much they mean to you, or a letter to their supervisor or boss so that that puts them in line for a promotion. And lastly, if your'e good in the kitchen, you can always bake them something to show your appreciation.”

- Christine Seib, 'No tip, it's been a tough year'.


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