Twitter hits paydirt with Microblogging

Times Online: Twitter, the fast-growing microblogging and social media site, is about to change gears. The service where users post short updates about what they are doing has received an explosion in visitors, both in the UK and the US. Twitter has become the communication tool of choice among early adopters and the tech community, a worldwide first alert news medium and a nascent marketing and customer services tool as it has thrust itself into the mainstream. Twitter is just about to make the biggest shift in its short history by integrating its search functions into the home pages of users.

Until now if users wanted to search the outpouring of updates or "tweets", say for updates about a stock price or football team or a hotel, they had to go to a separate website – – or use one of the many independent search applications that have sprung up on the web.

That hurdle is thought to have blocked many of the general public from understanding how to get beyond the criticism of Twitter as a platform for narcissists and to take advantage of Twitter's growing scale. Within the next 10 days, Twitter will start putting search into the Twitter home pages of about 1 per cent of users, to test the waters and ask for feedback, before rolling it out across the network.


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