Why the 'contrived' is easier

The best thing about the movie 'No Country for Old Men' is that it doesn't attempt anything other than to tell us a gripping story with circumstances forming the backdrop.

Its makes no attempt at instilling any sort of added emotion to make the viewer connect with the story, better. The result, for me at least, was a 'connect' that kept me glued to the screen. The movie teaches us a lesson. That its not easy to 'say it like it is' than it is to 'say it like it isn't'. The 'contrived' is always easy, the 'natural' never is.

Take writing for example. The cardinal sin here is to attempt to write rather than to just write. I miss reading what I used to, when I was young, when the writer wrote 'plainly'. Then, there were no attempts at being 'smart' or 'funny' or 'dramatic' when one wrote. What I read was what was 'plainly written'. Now I have to read the 'contrived' stuff. I confess. I fall for the same trap too.

Its like the time when one walks into a restaurant and wants, lets say, just a normal burger. No frills, no stories. Just the burger. Tell you, that's hard to come by. The burger comes disguised as rocket science. I feel there's gonna come a time when consumers will be tired with all the 'extras'. They'd just want something that's natural and normal.

As they say, Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust!


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