Can you spot marketing in Slumdog?

I can understand all the angst at Slumdog winning the coveted prize. The reason is, the ones complaining, don't really understand Marketing. Marketing success requires you get two of your initiatives dead right. One, get the target segment spot on, and two, ensure you know everything there is, about that segment, so you can design and develop your product just for them.

Danny Boyle did that. He made a movie for a consumer segment. He got both the segment and the movie made for them, spot on. Note, Slumdog Millionaire was not made for the Indian public. It was made keeping in mind the Western audience. Danny ensured the movie had everything to mesmerise that audience. That's why the adulation came pouring in! Adulation, remember, from the Western world.

All those Indians complaining about why the movie doesn't deserve what it got, please do me a favour. When you have the Indie awards on, make sure Slumdog goes away with zilch. You would have made your point then.


V.Bhairavi said…
I agree with you sir..My point is that when there are better movies than slumdog why did they not even get nominated for the oscars..The western audience have something in mind to approve of a movie which is why slumdog won the oscars..But this cannot be a benchmark for everyone to approve of the movie
Ray Titus said…

'Better' is in the eyes of the beholder... :)
V.Bhairavi said…
Accepted sir..Thats what am precisely trying to say..The manner in which each person analyses a movie is different. i just gave my opinion on that
Unknown said…
I dont think Indian awards can ignore Slumdog. It is not because this would look like the case of cour grapes but shocking. I even think Government of India will honour Danny for his contribution to Indian cinema.

Given the explanation, do you think this would work any more if the segment was chosen and catered to by Indian directors?

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