The 'connect' & the 'divide' on Facebook

'Adults are all over facebook, which isn't quite what the kids had in mind. Call it the attack of the elders, call it cultural appropriation or just call it a rip-off. But isn't that how it always goes? Some kids in the ghetto start wearing their pants a certain way, and next thing the style has been branded by a fashion designer, and the industry is all gaga over it. Or someone coins an unconventional phrase, and it ends up a jingle for a TV commercial. At which point, needless to say, whatever edginess is lost.

My sons and I adore each other, but they've warned me not to try being their facebook friend, which would give me access to too much information. Ironic, when anyone else can "friend" them and see it.But that's OK, I've got my own "friends."

Facebook gives new meaning to the concept.'

- Rekha Basu, 'Facebook connects, but generations divide'.


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