In rantin' yer missin' the Marketin', mate!

For all those rantin' against Arindam for his controversial article on Slumdog Millionaire, I got some news. Yer missin' the Marketin', mate. If you care to know, I'll tell you why.

Of foremost importance to any brand is to always remain in consumer memory. But then, consumers don't wanna remember you, period! Despite all your Cleo winning Ads and commercials, consumers are 'trained' to ignore you. And it ain't rocket science, why. 'Cos they don't care about what you wanna sell. But then, there are times when consumers remember, and they do so as they seek out the marketer communique themselves. Its an act termed, 'Active Learning'. Information gathered through active learning is remembered as it reaches the consumers long term memory. Not so when it comes to advertising, where learning is passive and information fades away from the consumer's short term memory.

I too don't agree with Arindam's view. But the difference is, that I ain't rabid in my opposition and so I can spot the marketer behind the article. It doesn't matter what he says. What matters is how people take to what he says. And people have taken to what he's said. Either they agree or they've gone berserk. Even the media around the world has picked up on what Arindam's said. That's what Arindam wants. Keeps him and his endeavours alive in the minds of people around. Sure the ones that went berserk may not have any positive inclination towards the brand. Yet, tell you what, the next time Arindam writes an article, they will be among the first ones to read and then repeat the rant. Funny, but true.

Marketers out there, take note. Don't let the rantin' blind you to the Marketing that's evident in what Arindam does. Instead, observe, and I may even venture to say, Learn!


Unknown said…
Post mortem of what happened and the result is out. Well explained sir. Free advertising + Top of the mind recall.
A great read sir.

The Marketing Lesson is what the marketers should look at and learn to implement.

I remember a quote you once said in class. This is what you said - "No matter what the world says and does, Marketers rule the World".

Indeed, its true.



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