Indian Consumer in these times

'But the Indian consumer, nourished on dreams of double-digit growth, is consumed by nervousness. Suddenly, urban families are confused about where to trim fat—is meeting friends at a restaurant a luxury or a necessity? Should Saturday be spent trolling a multiplex or drinking at home? Rising retail liquor sales and dipping alcohol sales in five-star hotels seem to show which way consumers are going. The tiding is worse for low-income families, who are more vulnerable to the slightest market fluctuations...

If "spending consciously" has replaced conspicuous spending, industry is also betting the conservative Indian consumer has saved enough money to make him a confident spendthrift for a couple of years...

The barometer has changed in India. Aspirations are pulling down prices of even the most reputed brands. No one will pay top prices for last year's collections, and that's no different from Shanghai, Singapore or Hong Kong. But then, the outlook has also dulled...'

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