Markets ain't blind unlike voters

Doesn't matter if half of America can't see what a disaster Obama policies are. The Stock Market ain't blind!

Forbes Blog: The results are clear. The market hates Obama’s stimulus package and just about everything related to Obamanomics. Or shall we call it Obeynomics? (I'll explain in a minute.) Stocks are down 27% since the Nov. 4th election. Stocks have plummeted more than 40% since Obama sewed up the Democratic nomination in June.

Capital is on strike. And why wouldn’t it be? Private capital has no idea what future holds in terms of taxes, regulation, trade, deficits and the value of the dollar. None whatsoever.

Capital has figured out one thing, however. The politicians in Washington most hostile to private investment are running the show.


bob wright said…
great post.

just found your blog.

I was in Bangalore in April 2008. Loved your city.

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