Nimbu ain't premium in India

The good thing about a lemony drink in India is that it'll find a lot of takers. That's 'cos the limey taste works here plus the drink will be perceived as a healthy refreshing one vis-a-vis the colas. In fact, the lime-lemon category is the fastest growing segment of the Rs 7,000-crore aerated soft drink market, with both competing brands Sprite from Coca-Cola and PepsiCo's 7-Up registering healthy growth rates.

The problem a limey drink will face is its 'downgraded view' when it comes to Indian consumers. Lime juice in India is most often made at home. Paying a premium (in comparison to the costs in making it) for such a bottled drink may not be acceptable. Naming the drink Nimbooz does raise its status at bit. But is that good enough? Me predicts 'immediate consumption' (at a retail store with the200 ml returnable glass bottles and 350 ml PET packs) as viable for the product, but not so for 'future consumption'. I wonder how many would buy a 2 liter bottle of Nimbooz (Pepsi has not yet rolled out this SKU), take it home for consumption?

Me says, not many.


Unknown said…
I agree with your point on future consumption as I would like to take home fresh nimbus which I can easily convert to a drink in different varieties(salt, sugar or both). It can't be premium too as you said.

But I think Pepsi can pull this off with low prices and attracting kids. I think @ Rs. 10 per the 350 ml pack is almost the same as the one I get outside on a tela. Only this is more cleaner and classy. How soon can Pepsi win over kids and parents to believe Nimbooz is an alternative to other classy alternatives in the colas is the key.

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