Resul & Rahman

Resul and Rahman's win is about the 'triumph of talent'. Pure and simple.

That's not easy to come by in India, where many a times its everything other than talent that matters. Its who you know, what influence your folks wield, the lineage you sport, and similar such inconsequential details that take precedence.

Resul and Rahman are also not about Bollywood. They are about people coming out of places in India that are ignored when it comes to mainstream movies. In short, their win must be seen as a beacon of hope for true talent that languishes in the most forgotten of places in India. This sorta talent lies hidden in schools and colleges that find no consideration because no one's even heard, let alone been to such places. Just so you know, Resul hails from a village called Anchal near Punalur in Kollam district of Kerala.

Resul and Rahman's win is truly a triumph of talent. That's so refreshing and so rare. Kudos!


Unknown said…
u may criticise india as much as u may please, but even Rusel said while receiving the Oscar :'I come from a country which gave the world a music peace thats preceded by silence and followed by silence.(Om) and hence i am proud.'
V.Bhairavi said…
This movie won the award only due to the fact is that it was directed by a foreigner. In fact there are better movies than this like Taare Zameen Par which didnt even get nominated for the Oscars..God knows why..So this kinda discrimination happens everywhere..True talent is not acknowledged always by the West too..

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