Did you know, Fast food's a lifesaver

Jaden and Alphy are in Dubai, holidaying. They will be gone a month. That leaves me on my own, which means I face the gravest threat to my very existence, something that every person on his own, in India faces. The prospect of having to eat out. Eating out in India means your insides are going to be turned inside out.

I don't care what Eric Schlosser says in his book, 'Fast Food Nation', I am praying we can someday have the kind of fast food outlet spread in India the way its in the US. I don't care about calories and the other 'nuclear proliferation' kind of threat fast food brings. All I want is affordable, yet more importantly, clean hygienic food. That's next to impossible to come by in India. Eating out here means you are at the mercy of cooking techniques that redefine molecular structures of food products. Take for example Oil, you can never tell how old and how used the oil is in any cooking process at any fast food outlet in India. Oh, you telling me I can eat steamed food? I am not too sure if the batter's really fresh. In fact I am not sure about anything that comes out of a fast food kitchen in India.

Wish Eric Schlosser can come live in India. some day. May be then he'll denounce his own book and extol what to me can be a lifesaver, American fast food!


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