The dilemma that Varun as a stimuli is

The success of any brand that's extended lies in whether consumers respond by generalising or discriminating with the stimuli being used. Stimulus generalisation is a must for an extension to work. Instead if consumers discriminate, the extension goes kaput.

Varun Gandhi has had new-found notoriety overnight. The dilemma that BJP faces is akin to what brands face. Let me explain. Should voters generalise Varun as a stimuli they will tend to associate the BJP with what Varun stands for and that's hardline hindutva. This is good to get the hardline voters to cast their lot with the BJP. The problem is the neutral voters could be turned off by the radical association that Varun brings. Their votes may be lost. The converse to this scene playing out is, voters discriminating Varun as a stimuli and therefore not associating his hardline hindutva with the BJP. The fallout? Lose the radical voter, and maybe, get the neutral one.

This is quite a dilemma. Its still early time for us to see whether Varun as a stimuli casts a shadow over the BJP. Either way, they stand to lose.


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