Obama deception Ahoy! Beware!

I just watched a news report on BBC that showed how Obama saved the jobs of a new batch of graduating police officers. 'Saved' their jobs? What's that supposed to mean? That the taxpayers will now be asked to pay the salaries of those police officers? Every time there's a report on an Obama miracle, let this be known. Its in reality propaganda that burdens the citizen. Its another thing that the citizen can't get it.

Note Charles Krauthammer, who calls the Obama plan deceptive. He states;

'All presidents do that. But few undertake the kind of brazen deception at the heart of Obama's radically transformative economic plan, a rhetorical sleight of hand so smoothly offered that few noticed...

Things. Now we know what they are. The markets' recent precipitous decline is a reaction not just to the absence of any plausible bank rescue plan, but also to the suspicion that Obama sees the continuing financial crisis as usefully creating the psychological conditions -- the sense of crisis bordering on fear-itself panic -- for enacting his "Big Bang" agenda to federalize and/or socialize health care, education and energy, the commanding heights of post-industrial society.

Clever politics, but intellectually dishonest to the core. Health, education and energy -- worthy and weighty as they may be -- are not the cause of our financial collapse. And they are not the cure. The fraudulent claim that they are both cause and cure is the rhetorical device by which an ambitious president intends to enact the most radical agenda of social transformation seen in our lifetime.'


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