The Image is the Man

The funny thing with most people is that they can't get it right when it comes to judging people. Take all the idiots who thought George Bush was a villain. The truth is, he was one of the most easy going presidents who took to people quickly. He saw most things as black and white, and he said it the way he saw it.

Contrast Barack with that. He can't go anywhere without his teleprompter. His long winding philosophical bag of air, passed of as wisdom, is in reality, pompous rhetoric that defines who he really is. But the idiots can't get it. They still think he is the messiah.

Barack is a deeply insecure man who looks down on people in general. Ditto for Michelle. Yet the marketing machinery around Obama have crafted perceptions that have sealed a certain image for him. The image of a Saviour. Some day that's gonna come tumbling down. To me, it seems that will happen sooner than expected.


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