The power of Brands is the power of Faith

We are in Cochin.

Last night, enroute, Alphy insisted we call Amma and ask her to buy a bottle of Junior Horlicks for Jaden so we can get him his drink, when we're home in Cochin. I wondered what's it with Junior Horlicks? After all wouldn't any other brand of drink do? Like for example, Bournvita or a similar one? I was sure there would be some such brand home in Cochin. No. Alphy insisted it had to be Junior Horlicks. That's when I asked her if she knew what the ingredients were, in it, that made it perfect for Jaden. She didn't know. Then, why the faith, I asked?

She had no rational reasons. Her faith was solely based on what the brand had communicated to her. Like the name, the commercials on TV and so on.

Brings me to what I want to say. The power of brands is the power of faith they can conjure up, among consumers. Brands make it easier for consumers to engage in purchase decisions. The faith that they build is what allays consumer fears when they buy. Now, that's a huge responsibility. Mess up on that faith and consumers may not be willing to forgive.

For Junior Horlick's sake, I hope it truly is good for kids. Because Alphy's world is so much her pride and joy, Jaden. Any brand that crosses her path and betrays her trust better worry. Worry bad!


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