'Ragging' is about Cowardice

Ragging (Hazing) is an act of cowardice. At the heart of it lies a diabolical desire to prey on the helpless who can't fight back because of their 'junior' status. Bullies who 'rag' exist in classrooms across India. Their machinations are not restricted to their juniors. It is at times unleashed even on teaching faculty, especially the mild mannered ones.

Aman's death is more than tragic. To be done to death in a place of learning is shocking. But what makes it gruesome is the fact that it happened at the hands of his senior students. Students who should have taken on the responsibility of guiding and mentoring the likes of Aman.

Its time ragging is stopped in its entirety. Doesn't matter what form it takes. 'Initiation', 'Introduction', whatever, no student must be asked to do anything he doesn't want to. And the ones who try and do the 'ragging' bit, must be put behind bars. Because that's where they belong.


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