Social Networks beat E-mail

USA Today: According to a report from The Nielsen Company, social networks and blogs have moved ahead of personal e-mail among the most popular online activities, and are fourth most popular overall. Time spent on these sites is growing three times faster than the overall Internet rate, the report says. More than two-thirds of the world's online population now visits social networking and blogging sites, with such "member communities" growing twice as fast as the other leading online sectors (search, portals, PC software, e-mail). In all, one in every online 11 minutes is spent in one of these sites.

Nielsen Online examined nine global markets. Among these, penetration for social networks and blogs was highest in Brazil where 80% of the online audience visited such sites. That compares to 75% for runner-up Spain and 67% for the USA. As the most popular social network globally, Facebook is visited monthly by three in 10 people across the markets in the report.


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