Who's watched on Cable News?

CNN is now officially No. 3. Its ratings have slipped, getting it behind Fox that's the leader and MSNBC that takes spot No.2.

But CNN says its overall business is healthy and it is not straying from its 'straight news' path. It claims it is suffering more audience erosion than its rivals since the peak days of the presidential election, further proof that the opinionated prime-time shows on Fox and MSNBC have greater audience loyalty.

I find that hilarious. Opinionated news, and CNN washes it hands of the concept? When was CNN 'straight'? Bashing Bush and pushing the liberal agenda has always been the hallmark of cable news players like CNN and MSNBC. Their ratings have dropped not because of any lack of opinion, its because the liberals as usual make up their minds without considering any facts. Heresay is good enough. Conservatives on the other hand are riveted to the likes of Fox, due their opinionated yet logic driven analysis that they find compelling.

The liberal agenda will always be spewed by the likes of CNN and MSNBC. Its just that their takers will dwindle as the days go by.


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