Why Barbie's turned fifty

It isn't surprising that Barbie's turned fifty. After all no other toy has helped li'l girls live their desires the way Barbie has.

Barbie's turned iconic as she helps li'l girls live their desire to call something their own, the desire to possess. Barbie turns into a 'person' they can keep. And it isn't just 'owning', its owning something that's aspirational. Barbie is what they wanna be. Beautiful, sophisticated and elegant.

Iconic brands are always prized possessions. They are aspirational buys. it doesn't matter who the target segment is. It could a li'l girl or a rebellious teenager. A brand that wants to turn into an icon in their eyes must lure them with a promise of possession of a fantasy. A fantasy that Barbie has embodied. Now, for fifty years!


Anonymous said…
After 50 years Barbie is still in great shape; how does she do it?

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